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    Alectric Labs

    Alectric Labs is a website inspired by creativity, ingenuity, and engineering. On alectriclabs.com, you can find an assortment of creations in a variety of areas including lab projects, robotics, computer programming, and pottery. Explore the Robotics and Set Projects section to see a balancing robot that uses a gyro... Read More

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    University of Essex Nanofab

    A page that provide an overview of the semiconductor device research and teaching nanofabrication facilities, written & maintained by Adrian Boland-Thoms... Read More

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    Landminefree.org: Minesweepers...

    Detection and removal of antipersonnel landmines is, at the present time, a serious problem of political, economical, environmental and humanitarian dimension. There is still a long way to go before the world is free of anti-personnel landmines. Landminefree.org developed Minesweepers towards a landmine-free world. Since there are 110 million... Read More

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    ATmega32-avr.com – Elect...

    ATmega32-avr.com is a blog maintained by an Electronics Engineer Bilal Ayob. He loves making gadgets using microcontrollers, especially atmega avr family of atmel. He started this blog to share all his experiences and knowledge in Electronics Engineering. He believes that it is possible that we can automate our life... Read More


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