• CIRSIM – Electronic Circuit Simulator

    CIRSIM – Electronic Circuit ...

      CIRSIM is a Windows based electronic circuit simulation program which can calculate the steady state performance of networks containing any combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors (bipolar and FET), mutual inductors, transformers, op-amps and thermionic valves. The output shows the gain, phase shift, input and output impedances of... Read More

  • Schmartboard, Inc.

    Hand Solder Surface Mount Fast...

      SchmartBoard is the destination for people who want to hand solder surface mount (SMT) components. Are you an engineer, technician, educator, student or DIY hobbyist who has avoided utilizing SMT components? Those days are officially over, because with SchmartBoard practically anyone can hand solder SOIC, QFP, PLCC, QFN,... Read More

  • Packrat Workshop

    Packrat Workshop

      Building recumbent trikes and alternate energy ideas. Giving people ideas and ways to generate power for themselves with more ways than just the common methods of wind turbine generators, solar electric panels and retail type engine driven generators. It is an endless sources of invention and engineering ideas.... Read More

  • PCB_FIAB_Header_1pc

    PCB Fab-In-A-Box

      The only 8 minute PCB fabrication system for making FAST, inexpensive, quality, high-resolution circuit boards with trace pitch down to .005″ using any conventional B&W laser printer or photo-copier! It just doesn’t get any better than this!... Read More


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