Rookie Electronics

      A DIY website for beginners to electronic engineering/circuits. This website has a number of projects on 555 Timer and Digital ICs alongside some of the simplest robots made on micro-controllers and breadboard. Each and every project is added with the video, parts list, circuit and breadboard arrangements.... Read More

  • nixie tube propeller clock

    Nixiana.com, the home of the w...

    Nixiana.com is the home of the world’s first nixie tube propeller clock. This device is another implementation of the frequently seen microcontroller-based digital clocks; however, in order to make itself special, it combines two very unique technologies. The nixie tube is an obsolete display technology from the 50’s and... Read More

  • PostDigital Node

    PostDigital Node

    Digital is ubiquitous, like it happened with electricity. It is not a novelty anymore. We live in a hybrid age. Differences between “old” and “new” technologies become irrelevant. Every day, new projects merging physical and digital worlds are born. PostDigital Node is a blog about bits and atoms. They... Read More

  • PC

    PC’s Electronics Blog

      Pradeep is a veteran with over 20 years of media and editorial experiences in business-to-business (B2B) print and online publications. He specializes in electronics, components, semiconductors, solar PV, etc., to name a few. He is internationally recognized with works published in prominent channels, such as Global Sources, Wireless... Read More


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