• TKJ Electronics

    TKJ Electronics – Develo...

      Do you need help with an electronics project or part of a project? We at TKJ Electronics has a slogan saying “Development with ease”, as we try our best to satisfy our customers needs, either by doing consultancy for them (hardware/software), or by making the right electronic product... Read More

  • Amp-EL34_Night (1)


      FUN WITH TUBES is a noncommercial site operated by Max Robinson and dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of vacuum tube circuits and techniques. Keep the electrons flowing and the tubes glowing.... Read More

  • 3D Smith Chart

    3D Smith Chart by Andrei Mulle...

      The 3D Smith chart tool is based on a concept introduced by Andrei Muller and co-authors in IEEE Microwave and Wireless Letters (2011), Microwave Journal (2012), Electronics Letters (2014) journals and whose applications will be also presented at Asia-Pacific Microwave conference in December 2015. The tool uses the... Read More

  • esdn_nov11

    Electronic System Design

    Electronic Systems design to a high degree of professionalism, and bluetooth development kits.... Read More


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