• PostDigital Node

    PostDigital Node

    Digital is ubiquitous, like it happened with electricity. It is not a novelty anymore. We live in a hybrid age. Differences between “old” and “new” technologies become irrelevant. Every day, new projects merging physical and digital worlds are born. PostDigital Node is a blog about bits and atoms. They... Read More

  • PC

    PC’s Electronics Blog

      Pradeep is a veteran with over 20 years of media and editorial experiences in business-to-business (B2B) print and online publications. He specializes in electronics, components, semiconductors, solar PV, etc., to name a few. He is internationally recognized with works published in prominent channels, such as Global Sources, Wireless... Read More

  • GtronicsAPSPPPB

    Solderless Prototyping for Ard...

    Gabriele Galeazzi is a hobbyist and Gtronics.NET represent his passion for electronics. Gtronics.NET does not represent the 100% of his job (at least at the moment!!!) but represent more or less the 100% of his spare time (evenings, nights and weekends) in the meanwhile there is life!   Everything... Read More

  • EVs Roll

    EVsRoll – a site about b...

    Electric vehicles are the best hope for the future of clean transport. EVsRoll shows the reader the history of electric cars, the energy needed to power electric vehicles, the impacts of conventional and electric transport, and outlines many of the latest electric cars, bikes, scooters, trucks and cycles. Other types of alternate transport are... Read More


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