• Chop Shop Robotics

    FIRST Robotics Team Chop Shop ...

    FIRST Robotics is a program geared towards youths who are interested in science and technology. It’s founder, Dean Kamen, has inspired many people to pursue careers in the Engineering field, along with other science and technology related occupations. The acronym FIRST means “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and... Read More

  • robots blog


    RobotsBlog is a blog focusing on robot topics. It will included news, discussions, articles, and links around the wide field of robotic and AI. Everyday the authors search the web for new robotic systems. It can be a new toy robot, a cool Lego Mindstorms invention or a complete... Read More

  • TKJ Electronics

    TKJ Electronics – Develo...

      Do you need help with an electronics project or part of a project? We at TKJ Electronics has a slogan saying “Development with ease”, as we try our best to satisfy our customers needs, either by doing consultancy for them (hardware/software), or by making the right electronic product... Read More

  • Amp-EL34_Night (1)


      FUN WITH TUBES is a noncommercial site operated by Max Robinson and dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of vacuum tube circuits and techniques. Keep the electrons flowing and the tubes glowing.... Read More


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