CIRSIM – Electronic Circuit Simulator

CIRSIM – Electronic Circuit Simulator


CIRSIM is a Windows based electronic circuit simulation program which can calculate the steady state performance of networks containing any combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors (bipolar and FET), mutual inductors, transformers, op-amps and thermionic valves. The output shows the gain, phase shift, input and output impedances of the network at any given frequency. Also, a graph of the amplitude response may be plotted over many set frequency ranges or a user defined range. The circuit values are stored on disk – these may be modified at any time, extra components and nodes can be added or deleted, and input and output nodes redefined using an inbuilt text editor. The program can be used to calculate the performance of any linear circuit, such as audio, video, i.f. and r.f. amplifiers, filters, matching networks, etc. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of decoupling components and the stability criteria of oscillators.

Many circuit examples are provided, including active and passive filters, a transmission line, various feedback amplifiers, a T.V. I.F. amplifier, a cascode circuit, a gyrator, a mutually coupled tuned circuit, a Wien bridge oscillator, Quad 303 transistor audio amplifier, Williamson valve power amplifier, Baxandall audio tone control and a nine band graphic equalizer.

The program will work on any IBM compatible PC running Windows 95 or later versions of the OS. The software is easy to install and use with program settings being stored on exit to allow the same parameters to be used on restarting the program. The full version of the programme will handle circuits with up to 100 nodes – there is a free sampler available to but this will only analyse small circuits. Also available from the author is LOUDSIM for analysing the response of a loudspeaker in various cabinets.

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