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Learn-about-electronics.com is all about Electronics in general. Here you can find basic electronics tutorials, learn how batteries are made, what are DC current? Basic electronics formulas,  resistance, voltage and all sorts of things about electronics.

Here’s a little background about the owner of learn-about-electronics.com:


My love for electronics and electrical gadgets started when I was just a young 12 year old boy. I received an “Erector” set as a christmas gift.

This spawned my love for building things that had motors and wires involved. I would play for hours making new and interesting projects.

When I went into the eight grade I was introduced to my very first calculator and an electronic builder’s kit supplied by my science teacher.

The electronic’s kit helped to build my curiosity and yearning for all things electronic and electrical. I would build amateur radio’s in my bedroom.

My passion for electronics continued to be fueled when I joined the U.S. Navy in 1984. I wanted to become an electronics technician so that I could learn more and apply what I learned to my daily life.

I’ve been an electronics technician for over 26 years. I spent 20 of those years in the Navy working on everything from RADAR systems to communication modules. After the Navy I continued with my electronics career working in avionics and electronics systems.


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