, the home of the world’s first nixie tube propeller clock

nixie tube propeller clock is the home of the world’s first nixie tube propeller clock. This device is another implementation of the frequently seen microcontroller-based digital clocks; however, in order to make itself special, it combines two very unique technologies. The nixie tube is an obsolete display technology from the 50’s and 60’s, but because of its ethereal orange glow and glass-metal elegance, it is enjoying a new-found popularity among electronics enthusiasts today. As for propeller clocks, they use a narrow display element which, when moved rapidly, appear spatially spread out due to the visual phenomenon called positive after-images. In the Nixie Tube Propeller Clock, the column of LED’s used in most propeller clocks is replaced by a single nixie tube. provides the technical details of this immensely fun project.

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