Solderless Prototyping for Arduino and PIC


Gabriele Galeazzi is a hobbyist and Gtronics.NET represent his passion for electronics. Gtronics.NET does not represent the 100% of his job (at least at the moment!!!) but represent more or less the 100% of his spare time (evenings, nights and weekends) in the meanwhile there is life!
Everything started because he was fascinated from the microcontrollers world and so, a few years ago, he started “playing” with some PICs. Soon he realized that each time that he wanted to “play” with a PIC, the real pain in the neck was setting up the hardware. So he decided to create the PicProtoBoard: a simple board useful to quickly start playing and prototyping with new ideas.
Gab realized that making boards just for himself was too “expensive”, but sharing the idea on the web (selling to people) could be a good idea. so it come Gtronics.NET.
Then he realized that the world now speaks about “Arduino” everywhere and so he decided to buy one (the UNO) to explore its world soon he realized that having the same of the PicProtoBoard for Arduino could be a good idea and so it come the Proto Shield Plus.

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